Forced Shiting Eat

Toilet Of The Inmate

I am sitting in my cell and I have to pee urgently. The uniformed supervisor lets me out and I’m allowed to piss in a dog bowl and drink it.

Scat Goddess – Best Romanian Scat Domme – Complete Training

Again in our studio, the best scat kinky Scat Goddess humiliating a toilet slave. She is so bizarre and kinky with her slaves and she use them totally, until she break them, with full toilet slavery. Today, she use her toilet in many actions and abuse him as she wished : as a human furniture for her laptop, while she was playing a game online. She use him also as an ashtray and order him to pamper her, licking her legs in hose and sucking her toes. Also slave was obliged to make a massage to Goddess. She finger his ass with her hand and 4 fingers inside, then she put a huge dildo and fuck him hard with it. At the end, the fate was clear : He must prove her that his training was complete and he can chew and eat all her waste without problems ! She get him into the bath tub and filling his mouth with a huge and enormous turd !! She was pleased to see that her slave understand his fate and quickly began to swallow he rprecious kaviar into his dirty stomach. She put a into his mouth to make the process of swallowing easily. She was happy at the end because all the time when she work with her toilets, they knew that must swallow EVERYTHING !!

Close Up Pissing

Close up pissing (JJ000678)