Forced Teen Girl To Undress And Piss

I’ll Show You How To Shit You Dog

So I took the time to go for a walk with my slave dog and then the cattle doesn’t even shit.So the stupid dog needed a little tutoring from his mistress on how to I don’t know what it’s like to shit out properly.Back in the studio he got the full pack, a nice large bunch of his mistress right into his slave mouth.But that wasn’t enough for me as punishment, there was also pee and spit to the menu andwhen he was almost done with his slave meal I made him puke and he had to eat it all over again.Then I whipped the dog back to his kennel, tomorrow we’ll try all the walkies go from the front, let’s see what he’s learned from it.

Scat Mix 1

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Mistress Isabella Cake Of Shit

190.3 And now that i do the cake on the mouth of Carlotta…. she begins to eat! it is also a very long clip, there are no cuts in my video, all you see it is true! MP4