Forced To Drink Piss And Cum

Diarrhea Drift

Mistress Annabelle expect full obedience from her trained toilet slave. She smokes a cigarette and uses the slave’s mouth instead of an ashtray. She fill slave mouth with a torrent of shit and diarrhea and order the toilet to lick and clean her asshole. She spits on the slave and takes the video of a slave’s face full of shit.

Toilet Time 16

What is it with my diarrhea recently? In this clip again I had quite a nasty case of my girl asshole turned into a shit flow tap. Like I said in the video: “That felt good!” It really did :-)Please take note:My Toilet Time Series clips will ALWAYS be affordable (2.99 or lower) EXCLUSIVE to to ensure everyone can afford to enjoy clips of women shitting.I don’t use a regular toilet often (that’s what my slave’s mouth is for) but for you who thought I forgot how to use a regular toilet these clips are a must see 🙂

Sissy Smearing Student

Sissy is from Czech and goes full extreme in that video!!

Held It All Day

I wanted to have a nice big load for you to watch me push out, so I held out all day – just for you! There is no shortage of sounds and sights on this one – several plops and of course some loud wet farts. At the end, I let you get a close up look at the wipe. Enjoy!