Forced To Year Shit

Stupid Toilet Slave Is He Eating It Or What Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Shitting More In Toilet Mouth

I wanna shit again. Every morning is like a ritual for me. I call my personal toilet in the morning to catch my turds ) Then I feed him to destroy his will. Soon all my personal toilets will become just human toilets, for my dirty pleasures!

A Lot Of Piss From Two Beauties

I enter the room while the toilet is lying on the floor. He begs me to lick my pussy after my peeing. But my current concern is my so amazingly full bladder, so he better open up and take what I have for him. I fill him up with my pee over and over, and don’t really care if he has the time to swallow or not. I let him feel my pussy, then I just leave him on the floor. Cherry Kiss enter the room and follow my lead, and empty her full bladder in the toiler as well. But Cherry is so generous, and let him lick her pussy clean of all the piss that is left there.We move to the couch, and Cherry start once more to empty her bladder once more in the toilet, He can’t really catch that much, but that is his fault, and not Cherry’s. After once more cleaning the piss from her pussy I place myself in the couch and piss him full once more before we leave him on the floor until we need to pee again.