Forced Vomit Asian

Lolo’s First Pooping Video

Lolo takes her first ever shit for the camera, up close with you in the bowl to enjoy it! A long firm poop, while she spreads her cheeks.

Eat Poop And Shit Vomit

Today I have surprised for my shit-Eater. Long thick poop. Yes, suck it first, make blow job my shit, suck, bite, taste piece of shit. I’ll feed you everything and then… then I’ll fuck you right in the throat and whatever you spit out you’ll eat again. Time after time, I’ll feed you my shit and your shit vomit. Feed you full! Eat my shit, enjoy the taste.

Funnel Pissing On Toilet Boy!

They feel like having some nasty fan tonight so instead of partying, they called up the service and have a slave sent in a cage. After taking him out and making him lie down on the floor, they inserted a plastic funnel into his mouth. The girls lift their skirts and take turns pissing on the funnel. They make sure that he drinks every drop of their warm piss.

Diarrhea And Vomiting

Today a lot of diarrhea…