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Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 7

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Diarrhea Strikes Lady Boss! – Full Movie

This lady boss is on her way to an important meeting so she’s dressed in her powersuit and ready to hold court. But when she is already driving, her stomach starts to grumble and pain starts to spread wide. She clutches her tummy and tries to hold back her shit. She calls the office and advises that she will be a bit late. When she’s able to go down the car in the parking lot, her shit is threatening to spurt out of her ass! She quickly runs to the nearest bathroom but it was too late; her skirt and panties are already soiled with shit! She desperately tries to wipe and clean up as best as she could; she can’t miss the meeting!

Mistress Rayven Peeagra Falls

Mistress Rayven humiliates all you worthless toilet boys and drenches you in her golden waterfall of nectar.