France Mature Piss


Hot Helen does a nice strip then standing up ass facing the camera does a shit on the floor, she then goes into a squat position and pushes out the rest of her shit. Vertical format.

Shitting Pretty

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in to the room in a pretty sundress, and I tell you about my day. How I went to the park and had a picnic. It was really nice, but I needed a shit so badly all day! I even considered just squatting behind a tree! But finally, I’m home and I can shit at last. I strip off and squat over the toilet, pooping right into the bowl. I moan with relief and show you my asshole. Relief at last!

Loser Toilet!

What can you do with a loser? Nothing! Except to use as a toilet. For this a loser was born. Piss and Shit swallow …. done! If a loser toilet is good and pays enough money, he may perhaps kiss my soles. This loser is such a human toilet. He pays every month his whole salary, but he is still a loser. I piss and shit him right in his mouth! So much shit and piss ….. He manages not to swallow everything. For punishment he must eat the shit from the toilet. Shit from me and my lover who has shit in this toilet before.

Kates Drown A Slave In Her 1 Liter Of Hot Piss!!

Kates drown a slave in her 1 liter of hot piss!!