Frat Shit Party

Oishi Sayaka Pooping And Enema

Oishi Sayaka spreads her legs wide open and releases a strong stream of pee while shitting. She then gets an enema and releases a big piss fountain before releasing a puddle of brown water. Multi-angle views.

The Best!mia Toilet Slavery

1.Mia led the slave into the bathroom and shitted all over the slave.Mia shits and pisses into the slave’s mouth. The Lady sits with her ass on the face of the hoodie. Mia laughs, spits on his face, smears her chocolate over it and sticks her feet in his mouth.2.Princess Mia POV HUMILIATION SCATSmearing,suffocation, strangulation, choke, spitting,


Hot farting, peeing and pooping in sexy heart shorts!

Princess Nikki D’sseldorf 2011 Piss 02

some pissing scenes from the shooting with Princess Nikki in Düsseldorf in August 2011