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Mistress Roberta -big Urge To Poop A Huge Breakfast -pov

This morning i have a big urge to poop so i get up on the massage table and shit a huge amount of breakfast for you and only after the poop i can pee being the presure so high and after i finish i rub my ass cheeks on the warm shit so you will lick it clean off my ass and when you finish licking clean the shit from my ass you can eat your huge breakfast.

Mistress Anna – Pov Eat My Shit

Simple and elegant. This time I am wearing nothing but my perfect beauty as a sit down to make a solo video. With no slave in the way of your view, you get to see my perfection from two different angles and imagine you are there as you play with your disgusting penis. When I am done I speak directly into the camera, saying the only words I would ever deign to speak to a pig like you, “Eat my shit.” Of course, it would be an honor for you and the high point of your sub-human existence. Imagine it in your mouth as you spew your goo. Though my shit is not there you can always eat your cum!

223. Mistress Isabella Mimetic Kv Scat

Clip in italian language, mp4…. i’m so sorry if you can not understand all my words but you can understand my poo!!!!