Free Girls Peeing At Beach

Geneva’s Boots And Boo Boo’s!!

Geneva is back with a hot new FUNKY clip!! So hot she had to check her temperature!!! Enjoy as she begins by plopping down wearing nothing but her sexy boots, ass in the air while on all fours. Then she begins shoving a thermometer up her ass to take her temp…She really enjoyed That feeling in her hot asshole and it appears to have loosened her up! Enjoy as she Pushes out A nice big Log, followed by some big chunks as well!! Then look at the end result – that poor thermometer got burried uner alll that FUNK!!

Diarrhea Explosion

Even a sadistic mistress can have a compelling need to poop. So, Mistress Melissa, just arrived at home, makes her needs: a torrent of diarrhea and farts. Unfortunately the toilet bowl becomes dirty of brown diarrhea… now she needs an obedient slave to clean up all with his tongue. Are you the lucky cleaner slave?

Prison Of Scatology

Back in the prison of scatology and life continues as normal for every prisoner in there. Some prisoners are better trained than others. The better trained ones will consume their deliveries of shit without any spillage onto the floor. The ones less experienced are trained by being ordered to lick and nibble the nuggets from the floor. Seeing the way the warden carries out her training of inexperienced prisoners is a real joy to watch!

Breakfast Serve

morning pooping over the toilet