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Shit Nightmare For A New Slave. 2 Ladies Shit In His Mouth,! Complete Eating And Brushing Teeth, With Our Shit! Part 2

Second part of three parts from the full movie! There is complete eating of shit and toothbrushing, with shit! Here a new toilet slave had applied to Contessa Calucci and me. He had never eaten shit and wanted to experience it. Well, he is just right with us. In the open-plan shower, the slave had to lie down under the toilet chair! After Contessa had him in the mouth, pissed and shitting, and he had the shit of Contessa, under pressure, eaten. I sat on the chair and pissed and shit, him, extremely, in his mouth!

Scat From Toilet Chair

an old movie with my ex Godess with her staying on her toilet chair and a close up of her perfect asshole near slave mouth ! shit must be consumed at her request as usually.


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