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Toilet Kobo Reading

I just got back from work, I have a beautiful white dress and with me my Kobo and I’m reading a book by Stephen King … you want to spy on me in a real voyeur perspective?

2 Goddesses Humiliate Me In A Renting Apartment Part 1

Today i call my 2 good friends, 2 gorgeous dommes and ask them if they are ready to use me and humiliate me beeing their FULL TOILET SLAVE for both, SAMETIME !! THEY AGREE and ask me to rent asap an apartment and go there cause they cannot hold it anymore !!! They use my mouth and body, one after another, filling my mouth with their pee, put me to drink their pee, and order me to eat their MIXED SHIT !! Meanwhile they give me another task with cock strocking and also fisting my ass. The clip was too long and is splitted in 3 parts. part one now

I’m Shitting Your Lunch

I will prepare your Lunch. Tasty Tomatoes with a pretzel stick and of course my supertasty shit! But don’t forget: You have to eat everything up ;D