French Mature Pisse

Mistress Gaia – Taking The Piss

I’m with my friend and we arrive back at the dungeon and find my slave knapping. This is his lucky day, as we both have been shopping and we couldn’t find a toilet. So we decide to use my slave. I get him to put the funnel in his mouth and be ready for us. It’s not long before he has to swallow our pee, as we take turns at sitting over him and allowing him the pleasure of drinking our piss . The bitch can’t swallow it properly, so we remove the funnell and get him to open his mouth nice and wide. When we are finished, I order my slut to lick up any pee that he has allowed to spill. We don’t want any of our precious amber nectar to go to waste…

Extreme Shit Torture

Unfortunately, my partner forgot to make a birthday present. This is unforgivable. There is only a lasting punishment as a reminder. I ask him to lay down on the ground. First he has to lick my stinky feet. Then I press him my ass in the face. First with panties and then without. But my shit is coming soon.I shit him a huge load straight into his open mouth and urge him to swallow everything. The amount is, of course, far too much for him. With my foot I push the shit into his mouth and leave him no choice. As a final, I squeeze my smeared ass in his face and give him a face fitting that he will never forget. So much shit he rarely had in his face and his mouth.

Diarrhea With Much Farting And Farting

Quick, quick, make the ass was free once again fashionable! .. Why the siehste also immediately 🙂 Pupsend the brown gravy running out of my beautiful backside 🙂 and at the end I see the mess left behind in the bathtub.