Fuck Girl Poop

Taco Tuesday

I figured I would give my slave a treat on taco Tuesday this week, so I made him one of my special scat tacos! You get to watch me whip it up with that special brown goodness right from my ass!

Grooming New Slave Into Scatology! Part 1

Mistress is grooming and preparing her slave for his first day of scatology experience!

Shitting On The Kitchen Floor! – Part 1

I spread my succulent ass to show off my perfect asshole. Minutes later, sticky poop came out of my hole, depositing turd chunks on the floor!

Slave Husband 24/7 Session 01

When I arrive at home, I see that my slave husband does something right – he cleans my room. Now, that he is here, he is just used as my toilet and for massaging my feet.(sex,sex ed,pee,peeing,worship,whipping,cbt)