Fuck With Xshit

Filled With Nasty Shit

Upcoming dinner for the slave. He don’t know what I prepared for him. I raise him with a whip and command me to kiss my heels, my feet and my shoes. Then I make him to kiss my ass hole. Slowly, gently and carefully… Mmm…Now he is ready for the most important moment. To eat my shit, which will come out directly from this sweet hole. Open your mouth wider and enjoy! Chew – is your food! Ha-ha ))

Sexy Latina Girl Taste And Play With Scat 5

In part 5 she make pee, drink much water, eat and prepare for big vomit.

Swimsuit Beauty In Shit Body Mask! – Part 1

They make her squat on one of the chairs and make her poop out all the finger foods that she consumed. When a considerable puddle of shit is already on the plastic-covered floor, they make her lie down right next to it. They push her face on the shit puddle so it will get all over her face!

Jacuzzi Fillup Part 1 Merica

Here the Girls caught their Toilet Slave in the Jacuzzi and right in and there they decided, let’s feed him with Poop to complete his Enjoyment. So they did. English Subtitles