Fucked Vomit Face

Eat My Shit

And the next shit-toilet slave serving me like a living toilet. The slave was ready, his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. That he had everything that was in his mouth, and he could see my horny ass as he sang. What the slave did not know was that I had diarrhea. And that’s why I snatched from him a real huge Shit-Storm in my mouth. Beautifully soft, I pushed him a huge diaper bandage into his toilet.

Shit Show Shoving And Smearing

I shit on a plate and play a little with it and smear it on myself and shove it inside my huge cunt and then bang my clit while I fuck myself with a dildo climaxing hard.

Human Gang Bang Toilet

The nasty piss- finals of 6 Bi-Slave-Gang Bang in the Femdom Empire! After Fisting with both arms by Mr. v . K. the huge speculum fits perfectly into the voracious hole ! Only the slaves drank milk from his bowel and licked his asshole, now they are allowed him along with Lady Vampira, piss themselves in the torn anal abyss!

Facesitting, Can He Breath ? Not Sure Part 1

Here we just wanted to use this Toilet Guy as the Toilet and sit on him until he ate all the Poop. English Subtitles