Full Mouth Of Shit

Shit Eater Must Puke

Miss Jane sits comfortably on her slave, so he gets little or no air at all. As a reward, she then shits so much into his slaves mouth that he must surrender to eat. Such a bad luck for the loser, then he must just eat his own puke. So much piss, shit and spittle was too much for him, especially since he was used shortly before this video already by Lady Chantal as a full toilet. A small fit did not fit in his mouth anymore – so he is imprisoned again and hopes, that one of the ladies will get him out again.

Full Body Pee On Floor

Full body shot wetting my balcony floor twice and fingering in between

Martina Friend Feces

Martina friend today received a slave, he loves to eat mistress DE feces. The hostess stamped on the bananas, slave lick and clean up the dirty soles. Eat dung slaves.