Fully Clothes Piss

Women Society Secret Scat Party! – Part 3

So the older girls, with their panties off, stand over student girl’s body so they can shit on her. The eager girl is delighted to be shitted on and crushes the scat with her hands!

Beginner Swallows Shit

Who would have thought … A beginner has applied to me. It was his first scat session. But after that I do not take into consideration. Toilet toilet for me. Hole hole! I accept only 100% working toilets. This means that the shit that I shit you in the mouth must be swallowed down completely! This Beginners overexert yourself properly and make it even at the 1st time to swallow anything. Even if I had to help a little with slaps…

Desperate Monica In The Toilet

Monica has constipation, stomach hurts, I can not do heap. It does pee, grunts, groans … and a big beautiful heap. You have to see.