Funny Banana Up The Shitter

In The Bathtub Part Two

And on it goes on in the bath and now I had to urgently Pee in the tub on his cock

Shit Eating And Piss Drinking Through Yellow Panty

Mistress keep tryin’ to surprise me day after day. She says : You will beg me to taste my shit through my panties toilet . . . and she was right !!! She tease me in a yellow pair of new panties, facesiting me, smother me, asphixiate me with her gorgeous ass, then shitting in her panty, making me lick her shit through them, and piss in them. A mixed piss and diarrhea was exactly what a slave need from a godess !!!

Emergency Toilet P1

The new toilet slave is trained to swallow immediately. We start slowly with his training. First he must swallow our snot and and lick my armpits. Then we piss him in his mouth. Then Miss Flowers must shit and poops right on his cock.

Pissing On Mallorca

This are the pissing scenes from our old Mallorca shootuing!A nice competition of 5-6 piss-femdom scenes!