Gag Puke Vomit Cry Punch

Mistress Gaia – A Special Treat For You

Sit down here doggie I know you are hungry but don’t worry, I have a special treat for you. Yesterday night, I had dinner in a fine restaurant with my friends. The food was superb and now I am partaking it with you. Look, your meal is coming out of my ass-hole. It’s a big hard chunk, you need to chew it well before swallowing but, look, to make your job easier I’m also to give you something to drink. It’s even better than the Champagne I drank yesterday. Good appetite!!!

Peeing On His Feet

Peeing on his feet (JJ000062)

Piss And Diarrhea Through Pink Hosiery

Godess wanna try again some sensations filling her pantyhose with pee and diarrhea. She choose a pair of pink fishnets, and use them in this movie. she begin to humiliate her slave, ordering to lick her legs, pussy worship and get prepared to receive his fate : full toilet slave everyday. She pissing in slave mouth through those pink fishnets then shitt in slave mouth also through pantyhose:) Again a nice idea from Godess. She also doing pictures in this session, pictures there are also available for sale.