Gang Ra Pee Xtreme Torture

Raging Dominatrixes Make Victim Drink Their Piss!

While innocently inside his home, this man receives two unsuspecting visitors! He doesn’t know them yet decides to sit them on the living room! Before he could do anything else, they strip him of his clothes and then inflict upon him a painful fate! One of the women ties a string on his dick and balls and then repeatedly pulls! By the time they get satisfied with his screams, they pull out a contraption resembling a funnel connected to a long tube! While they are pissing in one end, the other is inside his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to swallow every drop of urine they could release!

Please Stop 2!

Please stop 2! He suffered long and hard – but it was his choice. This is one of my most cruel videos. Before shooting, the slave asked the girls to be very cruel, did not stop and made him eat everything! The girls did not stop until the end! The girls were upset that it all lasted a long time, it was stress for them, another toilet slave with whom they had to face difficulties. He broke loose from Lisa’s hands and spit out the shit, but Lisa picked up shit from the ground and again shoved his mouth, saying I will not stop!.

Toilet Slave Cleans The Anus And Vagina Of Alina From Shit And Female Secretions

Toilet slave cleans the anus of Alina from shit and lick the tongue with female secretions

Hot Thick Sausage

Near, hard, labourious – so I am pressing moaningly the sausage out of my hot ass. Well, wanna peep? 😉