Gaping Anal Farts

Mistress Feeds Toilet Slave With Her Delicious Shit

Time for your meal, slave! Look what I got for you. Do you like the smell? I was very constipated, this piece of shit is really hard, I hope you have good teeth. Open your mouth wide and stick it in. Taste my delicious caviar. Let it melt on your tongue and swallow everything!You like that? You don’t seem thankful enough. I want you to beg me.Tell me how much you want to eat my delicious caviar. Savour this moment, this doesn’t happen everyday. My poop of very hard and the taste is strong and concentrated. But you like that, don’t you? I love knowing that you eat all my waste. Nothing is lost. You’ll eat everything that gets out of my body. This is what you are useful for. You were born to serve me as a toilet slave! You have to eat everything until the last bite. Then I want you to lick the plate clean. Who knows when the next time is going to be? (There is no pooping scene in the video.)* Find more scat videos on *

Huge Solid Shit

My belly is full and I will use your mouth again toilet slave. Did you like your breakfast? I don’t care.. He has to eat it or he will stay with my shit in his mouth all day! I know that is too big, but if you wants to be used by Mistress like me, you have to learn how to be a good human toilet! This is true for everybody! If you want to serve me as a toilet first be sure that you can handle it!

Goddes Emily Shit In The Mouth

I decided to play with my toilet again. I torture and smother my toilet slave. Then I put the shoes on his face and make him to smell delicious aroma of my legs. Toilet slave was very hungry and wanted that I’m feed him with my delicious shit. He was laying on the floor and I am sitting on the toilet over his face. I shit a monster load directly into slave mouth. He must to swallow it, but it is too much for him. I smeared the rest of my shit on his face and spat in his mouth.

The Double Day Ship

Suse me pissing on your belly presses quite solid, and your shit comes out with. Me so that lubricates a tail. Well I can not let sit on me, so shit I also wixe bekackten my tail and spray cool from it.