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Honey Brown’s Peppermint Patty Dumps!!

Honey Brown decided to do something different in this clip!! She was at home one day decided to Mix it up by Going back to her trusty bucket!! She was in such a hurry she kicked the bucket and got water all over the floor!!! She took no time in getting this big load out as she immediately released a pile in the bucket!! She had been holding it in to make this special pile for you and man was it a big one!! Enjoy as she she shows off her big load before cleaning her mess. SHe said her poop smelled like a Peppermint Patty!! lol

Double Shit And Piss For A Slave! 2 Mega Shit Loads! Part 2

Here you can see the second part, from the full movie! Here in the second Part, I shit and pissed the slave in his toilet mouth. I shit the slave a big, soft shit pile in his mouth. After Barbara in the first part, the slave, two big, solid shit sausage, served!

Two Schoolgirls Take Revenge On Professor By Pissing On Him!

These ladies are not going to let their professor humiliate them in class and get away with it! So they follow him until he gets home! They then barge inside his house, strip him of his clothes, and then throw him around until he gets disoriented! This made it possible for them to lay him on the floor and receive no form of resistance! Shortly after, they begin taking turns urinating on his face! In the process, he gets some in his mouth which he ends up swallowing!