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Oxana Satin Pink Panties

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Rosella At The Travel Agency: Piss Explosion

Have conducted for 1 week the agency a female friend! In an advisory, for a trip to Spain, the customer had to pee urgently. Well since I naturally asked him if he wants me piss in my mouth. He has of course not to be told twice! He had a whole lot horny piss in his bladder, I swallowed greedily. Since I had to pee, I pissed him without warning in his mouth and he had to swallow my spicy piss! The customer had previously never swallowed piss, but I just pissed him in his mouth and he obediently swallowed my piss! It is time to look, maybe, he will become, another, of my personal toilet slave’s!

The Crap Cake

Well, you little bitch, you want to time have a very tasty cake? Well then you are exactly right here, because I shit. You a fresh cake onto plate Let you taste it.