Gay Apan Eat Shit

Whore Eats Poop From The Toilet!

Lush Lady pooped in the toilet and left, after a while in the toilet room comes a whore-shit eater, happy to see that there shit and not washed away! Begins to happily eat poop right out of the toilet!!! The whore eats slightly dried poop…

Very Nasty Clips

I put together some highlights from all my movies so far. So you lazy slaves can sit and choose your personal favorites. Almost for free.Its so Nasty and kinky….Scat, pee and lots of dirty fun.

Peeing Into Her Pussy

Peeing into her pussy (JJ000496)

A Teacher Used As Toilet

Sweetbaby and me are in a school lesson. When I want to go to the toilet, the teacher says I cannot. I get angry and as punishment we make the teacher my toilet! After pissing into his mouth I felt much better. After that, we had some other nice punishments for the teacher…