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Special Treat 2

On a table she does a sexy strip, she then turns around and starts shitting on to a plate, after she shows the end result.

Francesca’s Back With Her Usual Antics!!!

Just as the Title reads, Francesca Gabriella is back with her usual. For those that know Francesca her usual is quite FUNKY and explosive!!! Her usual includes those dramatic grunts, groaning and straining that matches the explosive farts and loads coming out her ass!! She just had a newborn a few months ago, and it seems like she’s about to have another each time she drops a kid in the pool!! Enjoy three great new Morning clips as she comes in Fully nude and grunts, plops and strains her way through each clip. Francesca makes the best facial expressions and sounds of any of my FUNKY ladies!!

First In First Out

My slave gets his lunch today straight from my gut. Maybe he still finds some undigested residues to have a meal *laughs*. Finally, I do not care – my point is not to buy expensive dog food for him. Oh yes, the loser initially thought, that he can not and will not be my toilet, but I have no mercy. If his tongue had previously tasted no shit that’s his problem, I care about his inexperience little. In the end, he swallowed everything according to my wishes, but as punishment for his initial resistance, I commanded him to puke it all back so that he still has something for supper. 😉 This will certainly be a lesson for him to fulfill my wishes next time without whining about it. *lol*

Amateur Chick Shits On The Chair

Amateur chick shits on the chair