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Pooping 2 Times Pov Episode 5

In the first scene I squat over a plate my ass facing you. I poop and piss in the plate. I spread my ass cheeks and strain my asshole. Then I turn around and lay down on the floor. I show you my straining asshole some more. I show you my poop from a close angle with my HD camera.In the second scene I poop facing you in my bathroom. I also pee. I change position, spread my ass and I strain my asshole in your face. I wipe my butt and show you the dirty toilet paper. Then I show you my poop from a closer angle.

Horny Yellow Women’s Piss Drunk!

On the nasty summer garden gangbang on 05 August in Osnabrück, I have drunk from a woman her horny yellow piss! They urinated in front of the party guests into a glass and gave it to me to drink. Delicious, I love horny yellow spicy pee, I’m also a sweet tooth!

Molly Jane In My Only Dump

Molly surprised us last week. She took her one and only dump on camera. You will never see or find another Molly Jane poo video anywhere on the net. She even motivated me out of retirement to poo on film.