Gay Feet Piss Sex

Toilet Ashtray

I love to smoke a cigarette. I use a slave instead of an ashtray, I shake the ashes into his mouth and spit there. Funny – he does not even resist and swallows cigarette butts. I laugh at the slave and beat him with a whip. He should kiss my beautiful legs and sniff it. Then I sit over his face and make him lick my ass! Now he will be my toilet and I fill his mouth with my nasty shit. So delicious to eat my shit! Come and try…

Eat Toenails, Piss And Shit P2

Now the toilet slave of Mistress Michelle is allowed to chew and swallow the shit slowly. But he can not do it today. Therefor he must pay penalty and the bills end up between the toes of Mistress Michelle. How expensive such a turd is, hahaha

Mistress Gaia – Now Eat All My Shit!

This short video is made for those who, like you, just wants to see the shit that comes out of my asshole, nothing more. But now… eat all my shit!