Gay Gay Panty Piss

Piss Of 3 Ladies

A new slave is tested for his ability to swallow. Three ladies donate him their pee. It starts with Svenja. A true flood of piss pours into the slave’s mouth, more than a slave can swallow. Then the series is Rosella: she lets an endless stream pour into the slave’s mouth. The conclusion is Contessa Calucci, so that the slave is not released thirsty under any circumstances.Since with such amounts of piss a lot has gone wrong, but which must not be wasted, the slave must lick everything from the good soil following the piss orgy.

Shit On Nasty Cousin!

The nasty little shit is stealing from their house again and the girls are getting tired of it. He needs to learn his lesson and they will give it to him the best way they know how. After reducing him to his boxers, they push him down to his knees. They take turns squatting on his face and unloading shit all over him. They also peed all over his body, drenching him in warm urine. Afterwards, they push his face down the puddle of pee and shit.