Gay Guys Eating Eachot Her Shit

Smoking Redd’s Gassy Ass Farts, Sharts, And Explosions!!!

Smoking Redd is back with three Great new explosive clips!! I swear this sexy lil mama really has some of the gassiest, nastiest ass blasts around!! Enjoy in the first clip as she squats over the bowl, making a mess on the seat before having to sit down to finish releasing the rest of her runny dump. Then she has another shartastic dump in the second scene (with lots of pee as well). In the finale, she save the best for last, unleashing a nice gassy log filled dump! She apparently had been backed up for three days prior to releasing this load! Enjoy as she talks about it as well. Three more excellent FUNKY Loads from Smoking Redd!!

Scat Sweetie’s Sick Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Scat Sweetie Has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In this clip her IBS was really flaring up. Enjoy as she takes a gassy Runny Dump! Some Really disgusting, Mucousy discharge came out as well!! She was also farting up a storm in this clip as well!! A good 17 minutes of pain and strain in this clip!!

Nasty Bitches Make Him Eat Shit!

He’s willing to eat shit but he can’t swallow all of it at one sitting. The nasty ladies ain’t having it so they take turns whipping him. He does as he is bid and buries his face in the bowl full of disgusting shit.

Fruit Salad With Delicious Real Shit

How is looking so healthy and always genuine fruit salad tastes really delicious. These are pretty shit and you can be addicted to it, but look at yourself