Gay Guys Shit Poop

Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 11

Girls Uses Man

Alina Big Pooping Toilet In The Morning

Alina BIG pooping toilet in the morning

Pooping Princesses Daily Routine!!

Enjoy as I take a nice long pee and dump in the morning while Dumping Darling records as usual. It seems I am taking too long, as my darling has to let out her morning pee while she records. Once I finish, taking my time of course, she gets to hurry and take a nice long piss in the toilet as well. A nice doubleheader from both Pooping Princesses!!

Shitting On The Newspaper

Yesterday I was out to dinner with Demetra. We talked a bit of Italian political situation and Demetra told me of her intention not to buy newspapers nevermore(!), because she considers italian journalists not objectives enough and too much servile. Demetra is persuaded that newspapers often tell bullshit stories and they are good only as paper for physiological needs. Hence the idea for this video. In very truth, in this clip the newspaper is not used as toilet paper but as a surface on which to place the smelly poop that she excretes.