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Christmas Shitty Massacre. Part 10

This is Christmas Shitty Massacre – top filthy video which includesall what you want to see in pervert video. And we promise – you willsee it all.We have invited our friend for Christmas preparations and asked her –take the camera we want to make a home video, but she never expectedthat we will begin to shit during the process:) You will hear herreaction… We must say – someday we will make all our videos withsubtitles – it is worthy of efforts IMHO. (write in comments to thevideo what you think about subtitles idea.)And when we have got our hands free we have done everything what wewere not able to do in previous videos and you will see all the dirtyactions in proper lovely angles.So what else? What you are going to see here? Enema, Anal, Toy play.Vomit. Scat (lots of it), shitty bags and lots lots of other things.It is real Christmas present to all lovers.Enjoy.

Glamyanya – Avn Fetish Award Domme With Her Toilet Part 2

ANOTHER MOVIE WITH GLAMYANYA is released today !! Your perfect goddess GLAMYANYA finishing her second toilet play video !!! We are glad and proud to announce that the AVN Awards Fetish Domme of 2017 working with our studio from now on !!! Because we know that all our fans and members knows already who is GLAMYANYA we willl explain only the script from her second movie with her personal toilet boy : because she is a well known fetish Domme, a kinky Goddess, a perfect and beautiful Lady, prices for her movies will be higher than usually.. You will not be dissapointed buying her REAL ACTION MOVIE WITH REAL PISS DRINKING AND CUMM EATING FROM THE FLOOR ! In this SECOND movie she continue to destroy her toilet slave will. Movie began with a nice fetish scene with boots and leather worshipping, teasing her toilet in stockings while he was tied with ropes and cannot move. She continue to drink her champagne and tease her toilet boy, with her body and words….She smoking and blowing on his cock, as a reward. She untie his hands and order him to stroke his big cock. oblige him to stroke it harder and harder and harder. Slave was close to cumm and ask her if he can cumm on the floor. She agree but he must clean it and lick his own cumm. He thanks for this opportunity to serve her as a pathetic SLUT !!! In the second part of this movie, toilet slave become her real pet, dog, puppy and he will be trained to drink her piss from everywhere : from the floor, diectly from her pussy, from her shoe, from the sheet, combined with food cat, etc. Also other kinky and dirty scenes shen GlamyAnya use her toilet to clean her hosiery, foot feeding him and pissing right in his throat ! Humiliation, Domination and different type of action for destroying his will…..Again an EPIC MOVIE and hope that price will make you addicted and buy any other movie Mistress GlamyAnya will make in the future. Another movie with her, SOON ! Prove GlamyAnya that you become addicted by her beauty !!! She expect you to buy her second movie, to stroke and cumm just thinking at her and her dirty thoughts….This is our new perfect Mistress with another 48 minutes long perfect movie recorded with 3 professional cameras and from many angles ! Excellent outfits also !! p.s. Carefully : This movie can make you addicted by GlamyAnya !!! Watch out !!

Toilet Slavery, Ass Fucking And Cumming

Godess finally use again one of her toilets. She call a toilet slave to arrive in weekend at her dungeon and she use him at maximmum. First she dresses in high heels, nice panty and excite her slave with her appearance. She get a long double dildo and began to fuck his ass hard to humiliate him. She light a cigarrete and use her slave as ashtray also. Godess then feel that she is so full and must relieve soon, so . . she put the slut on the floor and order him to lick her pusy and asshole to prepare them for the toilet slavery part. Then she fill his mouth with a lot of pee and diarrhea. She play with her shit in the toilet mouth until slave cumming while eating her shit. Of course he will eat his sperm also, to be full humiliated.

Melissa Is Bootyfull!!

That ass, that ass, that ass!! Melissa is one of my OG?s on this site. Two years later, I am still excited every time she sends me a set of clips!!! This busy corporate climber doesn?t have time to record as often, but it?s always worth it when she ?Lawgs? in!! Enjoy a new set of four public toilet clips. She makes me wish that if I could be an inanimate object for a day, I would be the toilets she sits on!! That bubble butt is a chocolate and juicy as ever!! Such a beauty. Such a Booty!!!