Gay Kink Piss

Mass Shit Orgy 2

We continue this shocker with turd eating sequences you havent seen before!

Big Asshole Close Contact

I’ve been wanting to make a close contact with toilet slave. They are so submissive and resigned, they will accept everything from my sweet asshole and keep silent. My shit is so smelly, so crackling and falls into slave mouth. I see at this moment the face of a slave, how he squirms but swallowing my shit! I know it’s cruel! As I spread it, I’ll start feeding him, stuffing my hands into his mouth. Yet my shit is a huge pleasure for the toilet slave!

Ms Jenkins Call Of Booty!!

INCOMING!! Ms Jenkins is back with 8 great funky loads!! Enjoy as Plops, splacks and splashes are aplenty in this set. Ms Jenkins is my fave All Killer, no filter girl as each clip is loaded with loads and no idle time! Oh and that ass!! Oh my!! She has by far one of the best booties on this site!! Nothing like seeing that chocolate ass in the air and watching her make it rain in the bowl!!