Gay Male Pee Boxers

Shit Over Strap-on

Mistress Giorgia’s shit today is over to a strap-on !!!!The Divine Mistress puts a strap-on beneath her and begins to piss on it, then a beautiful scat falls over the foul, coloring it brown.The Mistress invites you as a toilet slave to make a nice blowjob to the foul to clean it all up, with the tongue out of the sun to shine the foul!Fantastic Mistress Giorgia

Shitting Outdoors

It’s such a beautiful day; and Erica doesn’t want to waste a day like this staying cooped up in the house when she has to shit.She heads outside with her now broken in queening chair and shits a massive squirting shit. What a relief!!

Caramel Cone Sundae

You know, I thought the chocolate chilidog clip was going to be the nastiest one for a while … but I was wrong! I think I topped that with this clip … it starts off with me enjoying some rich, delicious H.D. ice cream … one of my favorite flavors, all loaded with chocolate chunks and caramel. After you see me enjoying the ice cream, the scene changes to the next day when it’s time for me to turn that ice cream in my own special brand of CHOCOLATE! I decided to put the chocolate right back into the ice cream container for you in case you want to take it home with you . Its a big creamy pile of chocolate and it comes out really loud and messy and you get to watch me fill up the container for you and then I top it off for you with some whipped cream and serve you a big messy spoonful of my special sundae!