Gay Men Cat Shit Poop

3 Goddesses Abusing Slaves In Different Ways

A nice movie with 3 perfect Goddesses, each of them with a different style of humiliation, from foot fetish to using their toilets at home in the morning.

Mistress Anna – Sealed Mouth To Ass

I have pain in my stomach this morning. My slave has been waiting for me all night with his ball tied up and full. I am not in a good mood and he has to pay for that. After I slap his blue balls, I shoot a wet fart in his mouth. This means that there would be something more for him this morning. He sealed his mouth and lips over my asshole so no smell or anything else can go out. His reward for this good job is very painful handjob. Yes, I am cruel, but he is not a Human been anymore he is an object, toilet, a toy for my amusement.

Mistress Gaia – While Feeling The Smell, Lick!

Look at the shit as it comes out of my ass: soft, compact and warm. It does not seem to you to savor its fragrant scent through the screen? So, while you feel the smell, lick!

P – Pee Drinking – 07 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480 time 2:26. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.