Gay Pee Kaboo

Big Turd For You

Hi guys. Today I give you a huge shit, which is divided into 2 parts. Farting no, but there is a smooth sliding shit out of my anus. Enjoy watching. Thanks.

Peeing In A Glass Cup In My Kitchen Early In The Morning

I like peeing naked, it feels more natural to me, I don’t know how to explain it. I also love to pee in a squat position. In this clip I pee in a 2 liters glass cup. It’s very early in the morning so I look very tired. When I’m done emptying my bladder I take the glass cup and look at my gold pee, and can’t resist to take a sniff. I move the camera to show you my pussy from up close. Finally I put the camera in front of the glass cup and you can see my pee still moving and some impurities floating on top.

Rubbing My Pussy With Shit!!!

I haven’t posted in a few days and I feel horny as hell today! Come watch as I take a good shit on the floor and then sit next to the pile with my legs spread wide open. I grab a handful off my delicious poop and smear it all over my pretty pussy. I then start to masturbate hard with the shit, rubbing it all over my body and tits! I came so hard!!! LOL

Been Full Shitting And Pissing While Sunbathing!

When I was sunning myself naked on the rooftop, my neighbor came and pissed on me .I was totally perplexed. Then he sat down with his ass on my face and I had to lick his asshole. But not enough, he suddenly started to shit & crapped on my tits. Then he rubbed his shit on my body and smeared me with it fully. So I had him then a blow and then he let me so lying in the sun and still thought that would be the best sunscreen for me!