Gay Pee Pantsed

Lollypop Scat

Lollypop Scat with Louise and Veronika. It makes their lesbian scat sex very sweet. Check the scene to see the scat sweet candy licking girls.

Mega Shit Sausage Directly Into The Mouth

Mega shit sausage directly into the the mouth of my slaves

Poo Spread On My French Bread!

It’s early in the morning time for class but I have to take a poo first and just in time I was just about to enjoy some bread for a quick snack and now I have delicious green and brown poo and I get a close up of all the action!

Diamond’s Funky Deposits!!

Same Diamond. Same Splacktackular action!!! Diamond is back with her usual Funky action. Plenty of peeing plops, sharts and farts! Enjoy as she drops trow and releases her usual heavy loads in the bowl!! Some loose some solid, all funky as hell!!