Gay Peeing Diaper

Epic Scat Hardcore. Part 4

One more divine video very minute of which is full of hardcore action. Epic scat threesome. Maybe one of our best works. This is video you definitely will want to see. Everybody say hello to Lola. This is her first porn video and her first scat video ever. So, as always we made her pass through the most pervert and filthy things we can. HardCore, vomit, shitting, enemas, all kinds of sex – everything is in this video. Hi people, as it was mentioned before – my name is Lola and such filthy experience is something I never did before. First experience, first impression – and deep in my soul I feel that everything is alright for me. When I came to AstraCelestial team I thought that they will take it easy with me, and will not make me do terrible things. Oh… how wrong I was… Everything happened, everything that I didn’t expect to happen. smearing in bags of shit, tons of shitting, enemas, vomiting, hardcore blowjob and anal sex, my first lesbian experience… everything was first for me. Few words about myself. I am more than 18 years old adult female. The way I look is unique feature of my body. I was not much of the pervert before, but since I have met AstraCelestial team and they showed me what exactly they I doing – I have scared at the beginning, it took me more than 3 month to decide and to accept that scat orgy is something I want and do not mind against of. And experience that I have gotten – I like it, and I want more. I still have feeling of shit in my stomach and dick in my ass – and I do not mind against it. On contrary – it makes me horny and soon I am planning to take part in more session, with more perverted things. Lola and AstraCelestial team. P.S. No censorship in the video. 3 or 4 parts. Video is extremely long and more than 4 hours full of action and we do not know when exactly we will finish editing and how much time will remain in the end. It doesn’t matters how much parts there will be – the one thing you can be sure – that every part will be full of action and worth every penny.

Renee’s New Chocolate Nuggets!!

Renee is back with a Bang!! Enjoy as we restart New Monday with some of my OG’s!!! Renee is back with Four Great new clips!!! Enjoy this Funky Dozen minutes of up close POV plops both at home and in public!!! Enjoy as puts the camera up close up on her ass as she releases some nice chocolate drops from that sexy little ass of hers!!! These are by far the best angles Renee has ever been able to get!! Look for more new clips from this cutie as she begins her comeback on Ladies Keeping It Funky!!

Scat Lunchbox!

A mistress takes a long piss in the toilet before inviting her slave in to clean her ass and pussy with his tongue. He willingly follows her instructions. To make sure her slave doesn’t go hungry, she pushes out a big brown sausage and and collects enough to fill a small box for her slaves supper!

The Little Asshole

Together with Sweetbaby and Miss Jane we have shown to my slave, that also a huge dildo will fit in his little asshole, if we push it with the sum of our power. To increase his pain, me and Miss Jane use him as our toilet, until he starts vomiting. He has to learn a lot… I think we will go on with his training as toilet next time.