Gay Peeing Diaperboy

Scat Breakfast

The morning at breakfast, my man make a big pee and big shit in my mouth, I eat my crakers with his shit, I lick his dirty asshole, I suck his cock with shit and he cum in my mouthÂ… I finish any dirty and I drink my coffee and smokes a cigarette


First a big poop unassisted and then using an enema for an encore!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Disabled Toilet Pee Sd480

Popping in to a public disabled toilet, I am wrapped up in lots of layers, brrr its chilly! I drop my jeans and perch on the cold toilet seat before letting the pee rain down into the pan.

Long Turd In Public Toilet

This time you will see Melissa in a public toilet, which invites you to clean the toilet. She likes to shit in shopping malls and its creamy sauce goes everywhere. Look at her creamy sauce in a huge amount, accompanied by pee and fart.