Gay Peeing In Glass

Early Morning. Girls Want!

Early morning. Girls want! This is an early morning for Christina, Lisa and Yana – they woke up and smell the morning feminine scent! They woke up and they want to shit! They are waiting for their dog to arrive. They are tired and their asses want to rip! Finally he arrived and the girls can relax! For him, the tests have not yet begun – he must take the stench and taste of girls into his body, through his mouth. It will be difficult, but he will do it 1000%, because he has no right to disappoint girls!

Peeing In A Bowl

Peeing in a bowl (JJ000212)

Standing Shitting

I’ve been told that some very like to see how woman shits standing, buttocks naturally and not pulled apart and watch how the sausage is making its way through the plump cheeks. Well, you can get it here! First I tease you with beautiful shots of my sweet ass, then comes the sausage that we view afterwards in beautiful closeups and which again makes high water in the toilet!

Mistress Rayven Peeagra Falls Ipod/iphone

Mistress Rayven humiliates all you worthless toilet boys and drenches you in her golden waterfall of nectar.