Gay Piss And Poop

Shit In The Slave Mouth

In my new video, I humiliate and use a live toilet again. I fill his mouth with liquid shit. And he must have time to swallow while a new portion of diarrhea arrives. But he does not cope with this and I smear shit on his face. Afterwards, I spit in his shitty mouth and he enjoys the taste of my shit

A Special Toilet Of The Goddess

The goddess reprimanded the slaves to eat all the feces and urine of me

Pathetic Human Toilet Lives For Eating Shit! – Full Movie

The highlight of his day is to wait for his girlfriend to come home and unload her scat into his face! The moment she comes through the door, she removes her panties and sits on the toilet above his eager and willing face! She ejects a day’s worth of shit, dumping it into his hungry mouth! He swallows every morsel of shit as if it’s manna.


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