Gay Piss Compilation

Scat Casting

A new girl begs to be my slave. I gave her a task to shit and eat her shit. She does it for the first time, she’s disgusted, but she’ll eat for me. To become my slave, she’ll have to do more than that. This is only the beginning!

Shit In The Pot 1

I’m starting to shit. this is done in a baby pot. my shit can be seen close-up. The pot is full of shit. I am pleased with myself.

Early Morning Bathub Pee Action!!!

Scat Sweetie got up nice and early for this one. Enjoy as she gets up and goes to take her morning leak in the tub. She was pissing like CRAZY in this clip!! OMG I swear I have never pissed this much ever – even with that morning pee, lol. You would think she’s been hibernating like a Bear with all the piss that came out!! She pees at first for over a minute. Her Stomach is rumbling! She Even mixes in a nice loud fart while peeing and even more throughout the clip! While she’s pissing, she gets the urge to take a dump as well. It takes a while, but she keeps pushing out even more pee in the meantime. Enjoy as she fingers her asshole trying to help push the turds out. Finally she brings out a couple logs. She adjusts positions a few times but not luck pushing out anymore poop. I try my best to help her get it out, massaging that nice soft booty of hers and offering my usual encouragement as she goes. This clip features what seems like a gallon of pee, a bunch of farts and few turds mixed in! Def a great clip for your Pee lovers!!