Gay Piss Cumpilation

Mistress Gaia – Slave, Here Is What You Are Waiting For

ITALIAN SPOKENSlave, I know that you have been waiting for a long time for this clip. I know very well all your secret and intimate desires: you want to watch and worship my body, my entire body: my armpits, my beatiful feet and, above all, my perfect ass. But today, we also need to go on with your training. You know, I want you to become my toilet slave. Look what I have here: a lot of funnels, of different sizes and shapes, so that you can take all my golden nectar directly in your mouth and drink it all, up to the last drop. And now, look here, at this plate; this is for the most difficult task. Is the plate on which I will deposit my precious shit, that you will have to worship, lick and, then, eat. But let’s proceed step by step. Watch me while I fill this jug with my piss and this plate with my shit. Look, what a nice pile of chocolates I have made!! Now it’s your turn: look, I deep my foot in my pee, so that you can clean it up with your tongue. Then you will worship and lick my shit and …….

Cock Abused With Heels Then Diarrhea

Godess feel horny again and she call a toilet in a hurry to use it when she empty herself. she put hr high heels on his shaft,trampling him then order him to keep his dirty mouth open. She made a hugeee Diarrhea again into her seethrough panties then waiting her toilet to cum


I was out with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane, as a dirty guy cried for help. When he noticed, that we did not want to help, we already have his money, cellphone and carkeys. The loser was here at the right time. We all needed to go to the toilet, so we used his mouth as toilet. He had to swallow pee 3 times and one time scat, until we stopped beating him. Haha… I think, he will not call for help again, if he seess some girls walk along.