Gay Piss His Pants

Wrinkle Shart Asshole

You are under my chair,and can see how my asshole move when I fart.I wrinkle my puffy asshole even when not fart. I also shart, so my asshole is not only puffy but also dirty.Does it turn You on more?

Border Urine Testing

I am just arriving at the border, and the stupid border control stops me for some questions. I am not very happy with this, but I know I will not be granted access without my cooperation. So I have to show my passport, and he demand that I leave a urine sample for a testing!He gives me a glass to piss inside, and I cannot believe it! He start swallowing the piss! But it was not enough, and he tell me to piss more in the glass. So I fill the glass with a lot of piss. The border patrol seem to really enjoy swallowing my piss! What is this? After he has consumed all of my urine he tells me that I am under no influence of anything, and are free to enter the country. What a moron!

Toilet Slave Gets All The Shit And Piss He Can Handle! – Part 4

She rubs her shit smeared ass all over his face! She pours the rest of the liquid feces from the pan all over his body, making him sticky and smelly all over.