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Scat Superstar 3. Part 5

The name says for itself. Completely. And there is no need in further description. But if you are here and asking yourselfIf I have to spend my time on watching this new title – you definitely should.Epic 3 hours length video. What you see in front of you is possibly one of the best duo scat videos which were ever created. In this video Sandy finally showed all edges of her pervert personality.Short list of what you can expect to see here.Saved shit (Lots of it, whole pot). Shit from asses (Several time from several butts). Shit eating. Vomit. Piss. Enema. BDSM. Mental and physic domination. And of coursedirty, filthy sex full of joy.And this is only the beginning of the list. We have began this video in the day and finished in the deep night, so there is definitely something to see.Enjoy our show.

Taste My Shit

I am stunning in my denim shorts as I walk in on the toilet. From beneath the bath, slave can look up at my big sweety ass it worships my asshole, licking and sucking my asshole. As I take my position on the bath, you are so close to my asshole that you could almost put your own tongue inside it like my slave.You get an even more beauteous view of my asshole and wet pussy lips. The slave’s tongue loosens my asshole and goes all the way inside and my asshole becomes more engorged and starts to give sweets for the slave. Finally the fetid reward arrives and piles up on the slave’s mouth. All that is not fit is left on his face and flows down. Then I wipe my ass with toilet paper and send it straight to the slave. The degraded pervert lies in my shit as I stand over it, it looks at my glorious and unattainable ass and I humiliated this Nonhuman Toilet. Now imagine looking into my eyes as you play with your little dick and beg for permission to Jerk Off.

Wet Leggings

Wetting my leggings, making them absolutlely soaked …strip off of them and showing you my beautiful ass and pussy:)

Decorating With Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! I thought I push on my body the shit and rub it. I was looking for a kitchen tool and put it in my shit, then I pushed it to my body. My shit was hard, so hard to come out. But then I was fucking everywhere.