Gay Poop Male Shit Cat Boy

Shitting In Birthing Position After A Shower

I went to a yoga class this morning and got all sweaty and stretched out and relaxed.——————————————I went home and took a long hot shower to further relax and then I figured you might like it if I lay back and pushed out a big warm mushy pile of shit for you onto the floor.——————————–I show a close up replay of it pushing out of me and then move the camera closer so you can look at all the pieces of food!

Step Sis Share Pussy And Shit! – Part 1

They go to the shower together, where Ana unloads wet and sticky shit on a glass bowl. She makes Kathy smell it and feel the texture, telling her that as sis, they should know each other very well!

Help Me Slave, I Cant Poop Part 1 Intro

The Girls find out talking about it that secretly most Girls use the Slaves Tounge to trigger the pooping Sensation. They have the Slave put his Tounge in their Anus and then it is just so much easier to poop. English Subtitles