Gay Poop Shif

Just Some Facesitting Before Using My Toilet

I have a new slave visiting me, and after having destroyed his macho attitude, it is now time to give him a lesson in breath control. I just sit down on his face, and make him feel breathless under my bottom. I have some fun, and count in between, to give him a hope for some air.After a longer facesitting, it is time to initialize him as my toilet. So I take my panties to the side, and start peeing in his mouth. He should not miss anything! This is royal champagne. But after finishing empty my bladder, I see that a lot of pee is on the floor. So there is only one thing for him to do, get down there and lick it all from the floor!

Banana Scat Webcam

Webcam session with a english fan at his request I am wearing a short plastic with a hood and a pair of boots. I shit in my shorts, I introduce bananas in my shitty ass, I crush the bananas with shit, I masturbate and as suprise for my fan, my master come to makes a shit on my big tits.

Anita Humiliating Her Slave And Bowl Shitting

Slave was ready again for his Goddess. She use him again ot stretch his ass with her huge toys and order him to obey her commands. After she humiliate him and was pleased by result, she get a transparent bowl and pissing and shitting a huge Diarrhea in it.

Mistress Roberta – Watch Me In Bath Day 3

During day 3 my period came and i was mostly in bed and all dressed up as you see and you can hear only what i am doing everytime i go to the bathroom mostly pee but also an great poop in the morning !