Gay Prisoner Shit

Mistress Roberta -boot Worship And Shit Loading

Today my slave will worship and lick clean my leather over the knee riding boots and will get his nipples hurt and his cock and balls too just to prepare my pot for feeding so first i pee and after i poop in his mouth and on his chest i ghather all the shit in his mouth and push it with my hand down his troat and seeing is so very much shit i put the panties over his face and the pantyhose hood to keep the shit there and i push it down more and more untill my pot is eating .

Big Ass Vs Small Potty

My first potty clip- I pee and to this small potty, listen to the sounds and look at me when I try to sit on this small stuff.woah so stinky…1920*1280

Open Mouth 4 Pee

Open slave your mouth for my fresh pee in my sexy pink fishnets my pee is sweeter

Ms D Is Farting Badly

Ms D is up to her usual, farting, Gruntin, Pl0ppin, and Strainin’ ways!! Back to letting those farts fly – thus her new nickname Farty Mcfly!! When this girl eats salad for lunch = the Longest LOUDEST FARTS ON EARTH!! She couldn’t even get her pants down before the farts went to rip!! Some the loudest, nastiest pre- farts ever heard!!! The Post ones were no slouch either!! You will be yelling ‘Great Scott!!’ watching this one!! Ms D delivers some of the best entertainment from F Row!!