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Toilet Time 20

Those of you like seeing thick and yet creamy turds slowly slithering out of my ass must not miss this one! You will love seeing this very natural yet behind the curtain act that we girls usually don’t do in front of you. We are so cute and sexy and yet we are also capable of slowly pushing out such long and creamy turds 🙂

Hitomi Dine And Dump

Watch banana slices become chocolate pudding.

Dirty Compilation

I’m a dirty slut who loves the smell and taste of shit

Rachel Evans Piss 008

Princess Rachel Evans is looking for her slave. She finds out that he is sleeping. Than she has an idea, she will piss for him in a big bottle. She pisses almost half a litre. Than she wakes him up and lets him smell this delicious drink, before pouring everything in his mouth. At the end of this clip Rachel is really kind for her slave and let him also taste some of her spit.