Gay Shit Bear

Shit And Piss Party

2018 shit and piss party. At first Lisa came into the room. This time, she was keen to shit, since we agreed that she would tolerate 2 days! She peed in my mouth for a long time, then she put a hard piece of shit in my mouth and continued to piss, I had to chew the crap at the same time and swallow urine. In the process, I felt a strong smell of her female genitalia – it was delicious! Lisa put all her shit in my mouth and ordered me to swallow it while she was smoking a cigarette. Yana fed me with liquid shit and female discharge. Christina, powerfully with a fart poured into my mouth my sweet shit and a large portion of urine. This time the girls did not regret urine – I like to drink urine, but this time it was very much!

I Want To Drink My Juice!!!

In this video, I really want to drink, and piss,I wash my cup of spit and urine to drink more and drink husband!))I know thats funny short movie will you prefer!)) Enjoy!1!1

Scat Cowgirl. Part 5

In this video I ride the shit, eat the shit, smear the shit, have shitty orgazms, drink and smear my piss, insert different things into my shithole and hair brushes. ride enemas, do endless ammounts of them, turn my bathtud and my room to totally shitty and dirty home of filthI am good girl, I am Lilith, mother of shit, scat cowgirl.Eat shit, smear shit together with me, enjoy my video.This is part one. Part two is comming.